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Over My Head

Nonfiction, Biography - Book Dimensions: 6x9 inches Pages: 352

Over My Head

By Juanita Tischendorf

Over My Head chronicles a mutual journey toward overcoming obstacles in order to gain as much normalcy as possible. Erik, an achondroplasic dwarf deals with surgeries, body braces, extended hospital stays and the burden of having to learn to walk again after paralysis. His parents begin a learning process in how to raise their special child. Their breathtaking hurdles proved to be no match for their will to lead a full life. As Erik persevered, his parents remain a calm, supportive force who not only handle their son’s health problems, but also the ongoing prejudice against him by members of society. Over My Head offers guidance to parents in similar situations by helping them realize that a happy ending is possible, even in the shadows of great difficulty. It also shines a much-needed light on the acceptance of dwarfs by the American public, which is especially important with medical advances that have increased their potential lifespans and allowed them to lead normal lives.

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ISBN:  978-1-928613-33-6 (Paperback) - $20.00

ISBN:  978-1-928613-34-3 (Hardcover) $40.00

Publication Date:  December 31, 2015, First released as “Who Says I’m Small” in 2005 by Authorhouse

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Juanita Tischendorf