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Mastering Girlhood To Womanhood Book 3 - Lessons 14-17

NONFICTION – Self Improvement - Dimensions: 6 x 9 PAGES: 213

In book three the lessons are as follows:

WATCHING THOSE CARBS:  Better food habits can help you be healthier. The Delicious Decisions will show you just how much "delicious" and "nutritious" can have in common.  It is a matter of good food and good health: They do go together! Eating well is much more than following a diet plan until you’ve lost weight—it is the commitment you make to choose foods wisely.

LET’S GET PHYSICAL:  When looking for a good exercise routine it’s important that it works, you enjoy doing it and will also change with what your body needs. The Best Exercise Routine combines all three of these elements. The most important element is having fun. No matter how effective a workout is, if you hate doing it, you'll quit before realizing any results. So, once you have an idea of the types of exercise you want to do, you'll need to know how often, how much and how hard to exercise. All three areas of exercise (aerobic, resistance, flexibility) have their own recommendations.  Being healthy is about being at the right weight for you.

FINDING YOUR FASHION:  Fashion has been a point of interest to women for hundreds of years. Each generation has its own style from ball gowns of the Victorian period, the 1950s poodle skirt, to jeans, T-shirts, and designer purses.  Fashion is a preference and with that preference you consider maintaining a sense of class and sophistication in your style.  The exciting challenge is to identify a style that suits your personality and interests. What is most important is knowing yourself and creating the image that shows the world who you are inside.

VOICE AND CONVERSATION:  You need to sound good as well as have good diction.  Too loud and you have people moving back.  Too soft and you‘ll never get your point across.  Voice control is learning to speak and laugh charmingly so that you do not limit your chance for success.  You first need to hear how you sound and then concentrate on what it is you need to change.  But it is more than the words that come out your mouth as you speak.  It is the body language that goes hand and hand in having a good voice and successful conversations.


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ISBN:  978-1-928613-49-7     (Hardcover)  $45.00

ISBN:  978-1-928613-47-3 (Paperback) - $15.00

ISBN:  978-1-928613-46-6 (EBook) - $2.99

Publication date: 06/25/2018


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