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Love Will Find A Way

FICTION - Romance, 6x9 288 pages

Love Will Find A Way

Fiction:  Romance

Is it ever too late to have a last chance at love? Who knows but the heartwarming book Love Will Find A Way may have the answer. This book carries itself with grace and class, despite its tough subject matter. And that's due largely to the persons of Parker and Trinity. Parker learns that he has inoperable cancer and not long to live. A stock broker by trade and use to overcoming obstacles and predicting outcomes, he finds himself at a loss on how to close the deal.  It is by chance he runs into Trinity, a will o' the wisp free spirit who has hidden issues of her own, one of which is learning she has terminal cancer. But sometimes chemistry overshadows practicality, and the two are drawn together in ways both heartwarming and sad. Despite the subject matter, the book provides humor to soften the absurdities of life. Humor is splatter through the pages giving definition to the characters demonstrating what is important.  Love Will Find A Way is entertaining with twists and a surprise conclusion.


ISBN:   978-1-928613-38-1(Paperback) - $19.00

ISBN: 978-1-928613-37-4(Hardcover) $31.92

Publication date:  September 4, 2018


PAGES: 288



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Juanita Tischendorf