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Creating Characters

One of the hardest things for me is to create a character and once created, remember their personality, features, and attitudes.  To do this, I start by making a list of the characters.  I then go find pictures either online or a picture of someone I know.  Next, I look at the picture, to write descriptive words and think about the personality.  If it is someone I know or an actor, I write down descriptions according to a key word is a (if using an actor) they played that reflects the character I want to use.  Next, to get their attitudes that includes their body language, I write it down as well.  In this way I make the character feel real.  This is the only way I can make sure I write the person I want without making mistakes later in the book that does not reflect this person. 

Finally it is important to decide on their age, height, weight, and style of dress.  It may not seem necessary, but it really is if you want the reader to relate.  Once you set this up for each of your characters, the writing can flow because you now, know them.  Your readers will too.


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Juanita Tischendorf