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Happy Thanksgiving


Wishing each of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  Relax and comforts you.

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Writing Characters


I believe Aimee Young was the one who gave us points on characters and here is three things she says to remember.  What do you think?

  1. Backstory: We are born a certain way, but our life experiences continually mold and shape us. Each character has a life before the story begins. What is it?
  2. Dialogue: The way we talk depends on the language we speak and where we live (or grew up) but there’s also something unique to each person’s style of speaking. We repeat certain words and phrases, inflect certain syllables, and make certain gestures while we speak.
  3. Physical Description: Our primary method of identifying each other is the way we look; hair and eye color, height and weight, scars and tattoos, and the style of clothing we wear are all part of our physical descriptions.

Living Books

What can be more interesting than seeing the written word come to life.  I put on a Murder Mystery Night last week and saw how uplifting this can be.  Writing a character and trying to 'see' it is not easy.  What if you wrote each character and someone portrayed it.  Now that is the living character.  You can see how the character, looks, feels, acts and interacts with the other characters you portray.  You can even make changes and replay.  Now of course, in most cases this will have to be done in your mind unless you have friends with free time and the desire to help you in this week.  One thing I learned from the Murder Mystery is that what we determine a character should be, may not be the best way when you think about them with the other characters in your book.

Creating Characters


One of the hardest things for me is to create a character and once created, remember their personality, features, and attitudes.  To do this, I start by making a list of the characters.  I then go find pictures either online or a picture of someone I know.  Next, I look at the picture, to write descriptive words and think about the personality.  If it is someone I know or an actor, I write down descriptions according to a key word is a (if using an actor) they played that reflects the character I want to use.  Next, to get their attitudes that includes their body language, I write it down as well.  In this way I make the character feel real.  This is the only way I can make sure I write the person I want without making mistakes later in the book that does not reflect this person. 

Finally it is important to decide on their age, height, weight, and style of dress.  It may not seem necessary, but it really is if you want the reader to relate.  Once you set this up for each of your characters, the writing can flow because you now, know them.  Your readers will too.


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